Take your career to the next level with GRIT MGMT.

We offer comprehensive management services to help boxers and musicians achieve their career goals.

Alessio Cary

“GRIT MGMT has helped me take my career to a new level. Their expertise and guidance are unparalleled.”

Alessio Cary


Build your brand.

Our team focuses on building a strong brand identity for our clients to make them stand out in the industry.

Build your brand

Expert contract negotiation.

We ensure our clients get the best deals and negotiate on their behalf for contracts with the most favorable terms.

Expert contract negotiation

Seamless event booking.

Our network of industry contacts allows us to book events for our clients across different venues and platforms, ensuring maximum exposure and revenue generation.

Seamless event booking

"I can't imagine where my career would be without the support of GRIT MGMT. They have been with me every step of the way."

Alex Riley
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